Across the River
and Into the Trees

Based on The Novel by Ernest Hemingway

Tribune Picture Ltd (London) are pleased to announce the completion of the international feature film, “Across The River and Into The Trees”. Production was successfully concluded in March 2021. Filming took place during of the Covid19 pandemic; and received support in the form of a Grant awarded by the Government of the “Veneto Regione”. The Grant of €1.3 million was awarded to the Film through the Italian service Company, Augustus Color SRL, who were engaged by Tribune Pictures Ltd to provide certain Executive Producers services The projects also received unfailing support & cooperation from The Veneto Film Commission. ( for this, the producers are very grateful. We look forward to working with both the “Veneto Regione” & The Veneto Film Commission ( in the very near future.

The film is based on the 1950s novel by Nobel Winner and acclaimed novelist, Ernest Hemingway. “Across The River and Into The Trees” is the last of his novels to be dramatized; and stars Liev Schreiber, Matilda De Angelis, Josh Hutcherson, Laura Morante, Danny Huston, and directed by Paula Ortiz. International distribution will commence autumn 2022.

For more information (and comments regarding filming in Venice and the Veneto region, please contact producer, Robert Maclean, Tribune Pictures Ltd

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